NEW BIKE RACKS! Thanks Your Move!

Joanna Webster

Students at LGPS were SO excited to receive our brand new bike racks today (courtesy of Your Move!), particularly our Transport Troopers who have worked so hard to get everybody riding bikes to school!

Our Motor-Free Mondays have been bigger than ever lately and we will be completing a Hands Up Survey soon to see if the progress has continued into the cooler weather. 😊

Well done to our Year 6 Transport Troopers for promoting this initiative and the school community for supporting us!

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Wow. a nice addition. We are also looking at getting something like this. How did you get these? reward was it?

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Yes Rick this was part of the Connecting Schools Grant! We achieved Gold status last year through completing the recommended activities and were surprised how easy (and fun!) it was to unlock this awesome grant. 😊

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Thanks Joanne,

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James (Your Move)

They are some fine looking bike racks - a very nice installation job too! Unlocking the Connecting Schools grant has earned you 40 points - well done Transport Troopers! Rick - you can find full details on the Connecting Schools grant here

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Joanna, they look fantastic. Rick, I can confirm we'll have more information regarding the 2020 Connecting Schools Grants coming soon.

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