Today we celebrated National Ride 2 School Day at LGPS and the turn out was amazing!

Bike riding is absolutely pumping at our school at the moment, and the beautiful weather - plus bike ed lessons - are helping move it along greatly!

In addition to classroom activities such as designing your dream bike of the future, we have been promoting the event by getting the Transport Troopers to sneak around and put prize tokens on random bikes!

Next week we are starting to promote a poster design competition for a Term 2 initiative we have coming up called “Enjoy Djeran.” We will be encouraging students to take active travel as much as possible in the Noongar month of Djeran when the weather is absolutely perfect for getting out & about in nature. We will also have a scavenger hunt to spot local flora and fauna!

I hope everyone in the Your Move community is having as much fun cycling to school as we are. :)

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James (Your Move)

Pumping it sure is - look at all those bikes 😮! You have earned 40 points for your NR2SD event ,15 points for your "Create your own lesson" on dream bikes and 10 points for sharing all those details of your activites. I like your random prize tags - if you continue to reward active travellers throughout the term you can get points for the "Run an active travel rewards campaign" activity. See you soon to hear how your Scavenger Hunt and “Enjoy Djeran" actvities go.

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