Our First Hands Up Survey!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Today, our Transport Troopers were very excited to conduct our first Hands Up Survey at LGPS!

We created an Excel spreadsheet to make it easy for the Troopers to input data at each classroom. The students divided themselves into five groups of two and surveyed four classes each. Using Office 365 meant that we could all add the data simultaneously.

We found that 60% of people arrive at school by car!

Now that we have collected our baseline data, we are super excited to launch new initiatives such as Fume Free Fridays!

I have added our spreadsheet in case anybody else wants to use it for data collection.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Joanne. Did you upload your results through our HUS tool? Normally you will automatically receive 50 points if you do that for your start of year (baseline) or end of year survey. At the stage you received 10 points for the details of how you entered the data. It seems your excel sheet didn't upload though - I can do that for you if you email me the document.

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I like the idea of doing the Hands Up Survey through Office 365... Something to consider for our next survey.

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Hi James.. I accidentally submitted our Hands Up Survey (with the tool) again, as I didnt see it here so thought it hadn't posted! I see now that it is under 'results', not 'stories'. Apologies for my error.. can someone delete it?

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James (Your Move)

No stress Joanna! I can see that it is in there twice but it won't cause any issues. Thanks for letting us know though.

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