Our first Motor-Free Monday!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Today, we had our first Motor-Free Monday! It was a beautiful morning for it. Many people commented on the large groups of people riding their bikes together or walking in a big group.

Students coming to school via active travel received raffle tickets upon arriving at school.

We had 270 people using active travel to get to school today, which is over 50% of the school! We are hoping to increase number this Monday.

During the day, our terrific Transport Troopers then went to all classes to collect the raffle tickets and drew a prize winner from each year level!

It was so much fun... We can't wait to do it all again next Monday!

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James (Your Move)

50% of the school using active travel?! That is massive!! Well done Transport Troopers. While I can't give you more points for your Motor-free Monday activity (they actual activity was scored yesterday and only can be scored once each term), I can give you 10 points for the details of the day, 10 points for sharing your results, and a super bonus of 20 points for the OUTSTANDING result of having half the school participate on your first day! Woohoo!

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