Slow Bike Race 2022!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Today Lake Gwelup had our third annual Slow Bike Race! It has become such a hit with our families and staff each year.

At LGPS we do love coming up with NEW initiatives, but we also love our Your Move events which have become beloved community traditions!

This is how we organise our Slow Bike Race each year:

1. Have our Transport Troopers advertise for the month prior, including delivering posters to each class (we just update the poster each year)

2. Your Move Champions purchase prizes from the reward shop: this time we have supported our local bike shop by having the prizes being vouchers from Reid Cycles in Balcatta.

3. During lunchtime on the big day, Transport Troopers set up a starting line and finishing line on the oval. They also put up our Your Move flag and get the prizes ready!

4. At 1:30pm (after lunch) Year 1-3 teachers bring their classes out to set up. We have a big school (500+ children) and a LOT of riders so we split the year levels up into girls and boys, like a sports carnival.

5. During the races, our Transport Troopers and champions watch carefully to monitor if any students are putting their feet down - those people need to stay on the spot! The winner is the slowest person to cross the line without falling over.

The race was promoted on our social media pages and Connect!

We have decided that our next Slow Bike Race will be on a random day in November to encourage students to ride every day!

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James (Your Move)

What a slick event! It seems like you have a really efficient routine there Joanna. The photos really show what a big occasion is it 😀. You have earned 40 points for this event and another 20 for sharing the processes you take so that other schools can replicate this - thanks! Have a great weekend 😁.

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James (Your Move)

BTW - the video is not showing. Is it on You Tube? It needs to be as a "private unlisted" video on You Tube to work on our site.

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