Lake Gwelup Primary School has returned to school after two weeks of school holidays and Your Move is on our top list of priorities once again! We are so excited to have received our wonderful street signs and Your Move signage to recognise our GOLD STATUS from 2019. We have already reached Bronze status so far this year, despite an unsettling start to the year with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With many recreational activities being postponed due to these uncertain times, it has been great to see students out and about reigniting their love of cycling around the neighbourhood. We hope this transfers over into more people walking and riding to school!

Today was also our first MOTOR-FREE MONDAY for Term 2. Stay tuned to our next post to see how it went! We have also attached a photo of our new Your Move signage being promoted on the school Facebook page. :)

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for term 2 Lake Gwellup! It sounds like the term is going off with a bang too. I have linked your story to the "Write a report in your school newsletter" activity for your post on the school Facebook page - this has given you 22 points. You also got a 10 point bonus for making the story a good read. Great to hear that cycling is on the up in the area. Let us know how the MFM went so I can give you more points!

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