Transport Troopers Planning Meeting

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Recently our Transport Troopers met to discuss plans for next week’s MOTOR FREE MYSTERY DAY celebrations!

We have had two Motor Free Mystery Days this term and are due for another one before our celebration on Thursday!

We can’t tell you exactly what we are doing (that is the mystery) but some of our ideas have been: a fun obstacle course, an outdoor dance party or a special dress up day!

Stay tuned next week to see what we get up to. 😊

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James (Your Move)

HI Joanna - thanks for the heads up for next Monday! Whilst I can't give you points for the day until it has happened (don't forget to post a story!), I can definitely give you the 10 points for having your team meetings in term 3. See you soon!

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