Walk Around Australia kicking off on Monday!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

On Monday, we are kicking off our Race Around Australia!

Each day over the next two weeks, teachers are asked to conduct a quick “hands up” survey in their classrooms to see who has arrived at school via active travel.

For every active traveller in the class, the teacher can colour in one square on the map of Australia.

We want to see how long it takes for your class to travel around the whole country!

When the classes have finished racing around Australia, they will contact Miss Webster for their special prize at assembly!

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear Lake Gwelup is walking around Australia! Your challenge has earned you 60 points plus a bonus 20 for getting the whole school involved. You have also earned 10 points for sharing the details of how it is going to work. Have fun 😊! If you want to develop the activity next year you could follow Warnbro PS in doing a Race Around the World! They have posted 3 stories on it, the first one being https://www.yourmove.org.au/warnbro-primary-school/race-around-the-world/

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