Walk N Talk Wednesdays starting tomorrow!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Today our new Transport Troopers had a meeting to film a video for Walk N Talk Wednesdays (starting tomorrow) which we are also advertising through our colouring in competition.

Our upper primary students have mapped their safest routes to school and identified any hazards they might face while walking (Busy roads - but these can be avoided by using our crossing guard or the underpass).

We are hoping to see students walking to school in larger groups tomorrow!

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James (Your Move)

Love that video Joanna (I inserted a link for you) - not only are the kids speaking so eloquently and enthusiastically, but it has been really nicely edited too! I have given you 10 points for preparing the video and another 10 for sharing it through facebook. Make sure you do an update after your first WnT Wednesday this term so you can secure the big 90 points that go along with that each term!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Joanna, James wasn't kidding when he said we love this video! In fact, we love it soooo much we are keen to share it on our facebook page as an example of the Transport Troopers in action - but I wanted to check if that is ok with you and the troopers first?

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