Walk2School Day weather miracle?

Joanna Webster

At LGPS we are gearing up for our annual walk from the local shopping centre on Friday May 20th and we are loving the look of the weather so far!

We are trying to get as many teachers attending this year as possible for a Park N Stride and have also promoted this idea to our parent community on our socials and in the newsletter.

Fingers crossed that the weather stays okay for us.

We are also running an Enjoy Djeran competition to reward active travel (with a raffle) all throughout May and the grand prizes are umbrellas designed by Indigenous artists. Those umbrellas are looking pretty good right about now!

This is all part of the plan to encourage active travel even when things get a bit rainy. ☺️☔️

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James (Your Move)

Great to see the promo for your W2SD and Park and Stride coming along. You have earned 10 points for using social media this term to promote active travel and another 10 for sharing these details. I bet there was some planning involved in getting to this points - don't forget to let us know about any planning sessions you have had (with other adults) or any student team meetings that have occured.

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