Wayfinding Grant Unlocked! Safe Routes to School Mapped

Joanna Webster

In our LGPS Your Move parent survey, we found out that one of the major barriers to students arriving at school via active travel was the lack of awareness about safe routes to school…

So we were SUPER excited to unlock the Wayfinding Package as a 2020 Connecting Schools Grant.

This grant enabled us to work closely with experts at the City of Stirling and Department of Transport to plot our safest routes to school.

They helped us find four common routes to school and plot them on a map, clearly showing features such as bike paths, busy areas and where you can park your bike/scooter on arrival.

The wayfinding brochure/map is so professionally designed and will really help our families choose active travel with confidence!

We will also use the four safe routes to school to guide our Walking School Buses (ie. we could have a yellow route bus, green route bus etc)

In addition to the map, we were also able to have 15 wayfinding signs directing people towards the school.

Students (and their dogs) have been very excited to see these popping up all over Gwelup, outside their houses and near key locations in the suburb.

These signs motivate people to choose active travel by reminding them how quick and easy it is to walk or ride to school! A 2 minute bike ride from the local shops? 2 easy!

To promote Your Move and raise awareness about the wayfinding signs, the Transport Troopers are going to kickstart a social media campaign where parents can go in the draw to win a $50 Rebel Sport gift voucher for photographing the signs around the neighbourhood…

I wonder if anyone will find all 15!

Thank you Your Move, for helping us reduce the traffic and carbon dioxide in our suburb, while motivating families to be active and healthy! 😊

We look forward to our next hands-up survey to see if the maps and signs have made an impact on our numbers!

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James (Your Move)

What a great outcome Joanna! I agree, the map looks amazing 😊, and has some really useful info on it. You have earned 40 points for sharing how you used your Connecting Schools grant for the map and wayfinding, plus 20 points for making it so detailed and clear for everyone. I look forward to hearing about the results of your social media campaign.

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