On Monday, LGPS faced our first Motor-Free Monday challenge: a very wild and stormy day in Perth!

The Transport Troopers did not expect ANY students to ride or walk to school in the wild weather - it was our first real challenge since MFM started last November and we had had nothing but sunny Mondays since!

We are proud to announce that 81 students safely arrived at school via active travel, even with "the storm of the decade" on our doorstep! Some students even said that they considered getting in the car to go to school, but decided to brave the bad weather for Motor-Free Monday.

Throughout a pandemic and a huge storm, our commitment to Motor-Free Mondays has stayed strong - there is no stopping us now!

It was too windy to put our beautiful new Your Move flag up, but we hope we get to use it next time!

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David (Your Move)

Great work LGPS Transport Troopers - the weather on Monday was certainly terrible, so pushing on with Motor-Free Monday is an excellent effort!

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James (Your Move)

I can imagine that quite a few kids were enjoying the challenge and excitement of heading off to school in the storm. 81 certainly is an impressive outcome. You have already received your activity points for your MFM this term, but I can give you 10 points for keeping us all entertained, and another 5 points for letting us know your worthy participation rates for the day.

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