Year 3 Bike Education Grant + Bike Checks

Joanna Webster

Just a little update on how we are currently using some of our Your Move grants to equip students with the passion and skills necessary to become lifelong active travellers.

Last year LGPS won a Connecting Schools Grant for 4 x 1 hour bicycle lessons for 60 students! We are always on the look out for Your Move grants and make sure we snap them up as they become available.

The trouble is: this only covered us for two out of our three Year 3 classes (this is one of the reasons we hadn't snapped up a bike ed package in the past). Luckily, the Your Move team allows schools to use their reward points to top this up, so we have managed to get ALL of our Year 3 classes in - which is over $3000 value!

On top of this, we now have an additional grant to receive bike checks for 30 bicycles. The mechanics are going to be at our school on MONDAY ready to check our bikes just in time for the Year 3's starting their lessons!

Our school has sent out a handy registration link for the parents to register their children for the lessons, and the first 30 responders who request a bike check will receive one! So far we only have 25 requests for bike checks but we are expecting that to fill up soon.

We have been SUPER impressed with the outstanding service from People on Bicycles (especially Christina!) who work seamlessly with the Your Move team to answer all of our questions in a timely and friendly manner.

We especially love the easy process of having parents register their children online (no mountain of paperwork!) and People on Bicycles just forward us the spreadsheet so we can see who's locked in.

Thanks for everything, Your Move!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for this extra info about your upcoming Superboost/Bike Check activity Joanna. It is great to hear what great service you have been getting from People on Bicycles and also your feedback on using points to top up the CS Grant. You have earned a further 10 points for your reflections here. Don't forget to give us an update after the Bike Ed sessions to also get 40 points for your 2021 CS Grant!

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