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Joanna Webster

Today the LGPS Transport Troopers and many students from 10 other local schools worked super hard to come up with innovative solutions to our school’s transport problems!

We have done very well at LGPS and often have 60% of our school walking or riding to school (when the weather is good anyway!!) but since around 90% of our students live less than 2km from school, we still want to see those active travel numbers rising!

The first step of the process was to define the problem: too many people still arriving via car and causing congestion as well as making it dangerous for our active travelers.

After this, we brainstormed solutions.

Our Transport Troopers had a LOT of ideas!! Nature trails, scavenger hunts, and many more…

LGPS has been involved in Your Move for almost two years now, so we have already done many activities (regular active travel days, mysterious active travel days, raffles, prizes, events).

So, this year’s Troopers think that we need to work harder to some up with new ways to push the facts and change the culture.

One fact we learned over the past two days was that in the 1970’s, 3 in 4 people were using active travel to get to school and work. We also learned about “making facts fun” in one of our workshops…

The Troopers decided that they would love to Bring Back the 1970’s in a “Back to the Future” day later this term where we all dress in 1970’s clothing and use active travel to arrive at school!

Prior to the event, the Troopers will use videos and assemblies to explain the connection between the 1970’s theme and the Your Move event day. They will also use assemblies to communicate messages about bike safety.

On the day, special VIP passes for a 1970’s lunchtime disco will be given out for people arriving via active travel (Transport Troopers will wait at school entry points).

They are also hoping to earn around 200 more Your Move points ASAP in order to unlock a skateboarding package which could be used as an incentive around 1970’s day!

Other active events on the day could involve popular 1970’s activities such as skipping rope, elastics and marbles.

We are hoping that this would help the community see how much fun it could be if our culture involved more active travel.. and of course our goal is to get over 70% of people using active travel on the day!

Sounds pretty groovy? We thought so!!

Jasmine did a wonderful job of presenting our pitch to the Mayor of Stirling and our panel of special guests. Mayor Irwin is also bringing in trackless trams to our city… sounds like the 1970’s really are making a comeback!

Well done to all of the other schools who achieved excellent work on the day and thanks again to Your Move and Millennium Kids for organising such an inspiring day!

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Hi Joanna, so wonderful to meet you at this workshop! back to the Future such a great idea! Wish you all the very best with this and hope you reach your target for the skateboard park package! Kind regards

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James (Your Move)

I really love this 70s theme Joanna - hopefully this will help parents see that their children can also benefit from AT as they did in their childhood. You have earned another 20 points for reporting in on your Day 2 activities and 20 points for your in-depth discussion of the day's outcomes. I can't wait to see and hear how your event idea comes to fruition 😊.

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