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Promoting Traffic Safety

This term we have introduced some new signage at the front of our school to ensure the safety of our families and community, during drop off and pick up times. A new "No Standing" area has been added to our front car park, where parents have been reminded this is not an area to kiss and drop (causing lots of banked up cars). This new addition to our school has been notified to parents via the schools social network page and our school newsletter. It was also a great way to reminder our families and community members about the road rules to ensure our school is a safe place for everyone who is travelling.


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Amy Ham

Footprint Friday Term 3

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 3

Footprint Friday is back in action! We held a Your Move team meeting where we discussed the roles and responsibilities for running Footprint Friday each week on Wednesday. This year we have a new look and have invested in some Hi Vis vests for the student team to wear, so they can be easily seen at each entrances of the school. The Your move team arrived on time and took their guard at the schools entrances, where they hand out raffle tickets to students who choose active transport to school. It is the students responsibility to write their name and room number on the ticket and place it in the Footprint Friday tub located outside Mrs Ham's (Tb1.4) room. Parents were notified via bulletin boards, newsletters and reminders on whiteboards. After our lunch break 3 winners were drawn and announced over the PA system. Congratulations to the three winners today who received a Your Move prize.


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Amy Ham

Back in Term 3

Due to a different start to Term 2, Lakelands Primary School have moved their plans back by a term for the Your Move initiative. Starting in Term 3 we are hoping to launch Foot Print Friday, where students are encouraged to walk, ride or scoot to school.

When the students choose active transport to school on a Friday morning they will receive a raffle ticket from our Your Move student team at the entrances of our school. Students will then need to put their name and room number onto the raffle ticket and place it into the Footprint Friday bucket located outside Mrs Ham's classroom. After Lunch 3 raffle tickets will be selected from the bucket. The three names will then be announced by our Your Move team over the PA system, where the winners will receive a Your Move prize ( drink bottle and slap band).

A meeting will be held closer to Term 3 with the student team to discuss roles for this initiative. If Footprint Friday is full steam ahead, this will then continue every Friday until the end of the year.

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Amy Ham

National Ride To School Day 2020

This story is related to National Ride2School Day

On March, 13th, 2020 Lakelands Primary school celebrated National Ride To School Day in style. Leading up to the day there were many preparations behind the scenes to ensure the day would run smoothly. All throughout week 6 students were reminded to dress up their bike and scooters on Friday. Teachers had communicated this to our families in a number of ways such as communication boards, communication apps, our school's social media page, emails and whole school text messages. On Wednesday 11th at our junior assembly, Mrs Ham spoke to the school about National Ride To School Day and encouraged students to dust off their bikes and scooters and dress them to go into the running to win some fabulous Your Move prizes.

Needless to say the students were buzzing with excitement leading up to the day. To ensure the day would run smoothly a team meeting was also held to communicate the jobs that needed to be done on the day of the event. Jobs included- setting up the decorations and posters, handing out of stickers and tattoos, taking photos, helping students park their bike in the correct locations and hands up surveys. Everyone in the team selected a job that they would be responsible for in both the main school racks and our ECE bike racks.

On Friday the 13th the day was finally here where we arrived at school early and got straight to work. Mrs Ham and Miss Veroni spent the morning decorating the bike racks by placing up our balloon banner, posters and bike rack labels (Our school cleaner also contributed to help put up the decorations to ensure they would not blow away). The bike racks were ready and the school gates were starting to become congested with a number of dressed-up bikes and scooters. Everyone took their places as the gates were opened to the school and students flooded in with their amazingly dressed up bike and scooters. There were bikes dressed as dinosaurs, flamingoes, peacocks, butterflies and much, much more. The students had unleashed their creativity to a high standard making judging very hard. Our bike racks went from empty to being at full capacity.

Students were also excited to receive little goodies such as stickers and tattoos. We even had a photo area to have your picture taken with your bike. After the siren went to begin the day, the bike racks were left unlock for classes to come around during the day and have a look at all the bikes. During lunchtime Mrs Ham headed over to the bike racks where the judging began.

The following were the winners for Best Dressed Bikes 2020: K-PP Jai Russell with his construction themed bike, Year 1-2 Chase Johnston with his ET bike design, Year 3-4 Mia Mcdonald who created a magnificent peacock, Year 5-6 Hudson Shore who turned his scooters into a slashed character. Congratulations to all the winners - your designs were outstanding. Each winner received a Your Move backpack, Your Move hand towel, slap band, badge, Your Move drink bottle and a book about riding or walking to school.

Just before recess our winners were announced over the PA , then they met Mrs Ham at the bike racks to have their photos taken with their entries and prizes. Throughout the day we also conducted another hands up survey which we compared with our first hands up survey for this year. Here is what we found - 37% decrease in students choosing the car, 12% decrease in public transport, 19% increase in walking and a whopping 277% increase in choosing the bike or scooter to school. At the end of the day, our admin team took their posts at the racks to ensure the smooth transition of bikes and scooters from the racks to the outside school footpaths. Students conducted themselves with great responsibility by walking their bikes and scooters in a respectful manner to the school perimeters. To follow up the day our classroom teacher will also be recapping bike safety at our next values assemblies. We will also be congratulating our winners in our Your Move newsletter column.


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Moving into 2020

This story is related to Write an article in your School newsletter - Term 1

The wheels are rolling as we head into the Year of 2020 at Lakelands Primary school, where we are in preparations of organising our annual Dress Up Your Bike day event to celebrate National Ride2School Day. On Friday, 13th, March ( Week 6) students are encouraged to dust off their bikes and scooters and dress them up in fancy dress like costumes and ride/ scoot to school. In preparations of this day we have promoted the events to parents with all the need to know information through the school newsletter and posters placed around the school. Another reminder leading up to the day will also be shared on our schools social media page. Staff have also been updated with information about the day via e-mail and staff communications bulletin.

So far we have organised our first Your Movers meeting which will be held next week on Thursday during recess time to discuss the duties of a Your Mover and future events and competitions we would like to see at Lakelands Primary for 2020. Our Your Mover team consists of Mrs Ham, our school faction captains and Mrs De'Oliveira. Our Faction Captains are selected as our Your Move student team, as they are ambassadors for our school by promoting active lifestyles. The Your Move student duties are built into their contract and allows them to demonstrate leadership throughout the school.

This year we will also be conducting two hands up surveys during Term 1. The reasons for this is to compare how many students who travel actively to school on a normal day, compared to an event day. Next week we will conduct our first hands up survey for the year and follow this up with another one on the day of Dress Up Your Bike Day.

On the day of Dress Up Your Bike day all student entries must have their name, year level and classroom number clearly marked on their entry. If this information is not provided they will not be in the running to receive a Your Move goody bag prize. Students will also need to park their bike in designated areas ( this is to help with judging later on in the day). Judging will be completed by our Admin team and Mrs Ham, who will be judging the student on their creativity. Throughout the day classes will be encouraged to good for a walk around the school to look at the display of dressed up bikes and scooters. During recess time the entries will be judged and an announcement will be made over the PA to congratulate the winners. The categories for Best Dressed Bikes/ scooters are as follows : Best Dressed K- PP, Best Dressed YR 1-2, Best Dressed Yr 3-4, Best Dressed Yr 5-6. Every year we host Dress Up Your Bike day we get a large number of our school participating and submitting some outstanding and innovated entries. We have found that each year it gets bigger and better, and we hope that 2020 is no exception.

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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Walk Around Australia @ Lakelands

This story is related to Classroom Activity: Walk Around Australia

We have winners!!!! Congratulations to TB3.3 for being the winning class for our Walk Around Australia competition. We had many entries come back, however they were the first to hand in their entry to Mrs Ham. Each student received a Your Move mini torch, which we purchased from the rewards shops. We will also be conducting our last hands up survey for the year Friday, Week 8. This will also be our last Footprint Friday for the year.


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Rolling into Term 4

This story is related to Classroom Activity: Walk Around Australia

Can't believe we are in term 4 already! Where has the time gone? After we returned from school holidays we were delighted to have a special delivery arrive. Annabelle's winning banner! To say we were super excited is an understatement. We are so impressed with how the banner turned out and it has already been hung on display in our main bike racks. Annabelle will also be featured in our newsletter column showing off her amazing design.


Throughout this term to promote active travel we will be doing the Walk Around Australia activity. Every class has been given an Australian map with a box footpath. Students who walk, ride and scoot to school on a Friday will be able to colour in one square on the footpath. The first class to have all the footpath coloured in and returned to Mrs Ham first will receive a class prize. Footprint Friday is also continuing and will finish up at the end of week 8. Lastly our year 6 students have provided the Your Move team with some feedback about how we can improve our bike racks and potentially access one of the grants to improve scooter parking around our school. Mrs Ham is going to touch base with the Year 6 students in the next couple of weeks to discuss their ideas and thoughts. Hopefully now that the weather is becoming more pleasant we will begin to see more of our school community actively travelling to school.


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Thank You Term 3

Well it is almost the end of Term 3 and what a busy term is has been. There is no better way to finish it off than with a Footprint Friday Super Draw winner. Over Term 3 every Friday the students who have received raffle tickets for active travel had been rolled over into a super draw, where one lucky winner at the end of the term will be drawn to receive over $200 worth of Your Move prizes!!. That time has finally come a big Congratulations to Will Gilkes who was drawn from the super draw tub by our Principal Mr Mitchell. Will and his family were extremely excited to receive their prize, as he had been telling his parents every Friday he had to ride to school ! Awesome job to Will and his family for choosing to make a change by walking, riding and scooting to school. We announced the winning ticket over the PA system and an announcement was also added to our schools social media page. Last week on Friday our Your Movers conducted a hands up survey. Here are our findings: compared to results Term 3 last year we have definitely made some behaviour changes and gains. The results compared to this time last year show 46% increase with walking, 65% increase of public transport, 72% increase with cycling and a -23% decrease in driving. The survey also shows that nearly 50% of our school is choosing to ride, scoot, walk or catch public transport to school. Planning has also taken place for next term so stay tuned for what we have in stall.


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Wheelie Wednesday in action

This story is related to Bike Maintenance & Repair Workshops

Although the weather wasn't working in our favour on Wednesday, 18th September, our Lakelands Lads were still out in force at Black Swan Lake repairing and maintaining children's bikes, skateboards and scooters. The Lakelands Lads stayed at Black Swan Lake from 4:30- 6pm where were a number of bikes, scooters and skateboards repaired and ready to use to get too and from school. Fantastic effort guys !!


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Wheelie Wednesday!

Lakelands Lads are at it again. Don't throw out your broken bikes, scooters or skateboards, our Lakelands Fathers Project are hosting an event to repair your vehicles and get you back on track. The information about this event is as follows. Fathering Project Event: Wheelie Wednesday – Wednesday 18th September at Black Swan Lake 4:30pm. The following information has been advertised by the Fathering Project on their Facebook page. Join Lakelands Lads for an afternoon of wheeling around and repairing those broken bikes, scooters, skateboards or skates. This event is designed for Kids and Dads & Father-figures to gather and enjoy, learn and spend time. We hope to see you there!Reminder for Dads: if your child’s bike needs any parts, eg. tyre tubes, skateboard trucks etc, please bring the part with them. We will be assisting them replace these items, and anything else required like seat heights, handlebars, brake/chain adjustments, chain lubrication and any minor fixes. The information was also sent out to staff to relay back to all of our families and local community. So great to see our community rallying together to encourage our students to choose active transport.


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Winners Are Grinners!

We had many entries for our class competitions. Kindy to Pre- Primary students completed colouring in comps, Year 1-3 designed posters for Footprint Friday, which will be showcased around our school and our Years 4-6 designed a banner to promote Your Move at our school. Needless to say we have many creative children and lots of classrooms participating in all of the promotional fun. K- PP winners received books for their efforts. Years 1-3 received Your Move backpacks and Years 4-6 received mini torches and pens. A big congratulations to Annabelle on her banner design submission! Annabelle was our overall winner and will be having her banner created and featured in our schools bike racks. This Footprint Friday we will also be drawing the Super Draw Your Move prize pack, so stay tuned......


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Amy Ham

Term 3 Bonanza!

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 3

Term 3 is our busiest term of the year. To add to all the hype our Your Move initiative is running a few competitions across the school to promote and educate our students about walking, riding and scooting safely to school. To start it off, Footprint Friday will continue to run- each Friday our faction captains and school cleaner are handing out raffle tickets at the entrances of our school for students who are walking, riding or scooting to school. These raffles tickets are then placed in a Footprint Friday tub and three winners are drawn throughout the day to receive a Your Move prize. To keep our students motivated to choose active travel (even when the weather is not looking the best) we have made another big prize draw. Every entry submitted into the tub for Footprint Friday will then be carried over into another grand prize draw. On Friday Week 9, 1 lucky winner will be drawn from the grand prize tub to receive a massive Your Move prize pack valued at $200. To get the word out to our community about this competition we published the information in our school newsletter. But wait, that's not all for this term ! we are also running some classroom competitions. Kindy to Pre- Primary - colouring in competition - we are using a colouring in page from the following website ( It is an American site, however the colouring in pages have great messages on them) We have chosen the follow the street signs and walk across the road picture, as this is something our students need to work on. Our Year 1-3 students will be designing a poster to Promote Foot print Friday - Each winning entry will receive a Your Move prize and have their poster placed around the school. Finally our year 4-6 students will be designing a brand new banner four our school, as our last banner is looking a little sad. Every classroom will choose a winner for their allocated competitions - All winners will receive a Your Move prize ! Mrs Ham's prize shelf is fully stocked and ready to go. An overall banner winner will also be selected- this banner will then be sent away to be created and displayed in our bike racks. Please see copies of communication about our events below.


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Amy Ham

Making Changes

This story is related to Complete a simple activity

They spoke, we listened. At our last student problem/ suggestion box review, some of our students mentioned that it was too hard to get in and out of our bike racks and this was causing some issues before and after school, when everyone is trying to get in and out of the racks. Well, we have come up with a solution * two door ways!. We are very lucky here at Lakelands Primary to have a supportive admin team who had a new door installed to our bike racks very quickly. This allows our students to enter through one door with their bikes/ scooters and exit out the other, stopping those high traffic build ups in the gate ways in the morning.


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Amy Ham

Term 3 Prep

This story is related to Include Your Move as a Assembly item - Term three

Term 3 has approached us very quickly here at Lakelands and what a full events planner we have already. Throughout the term we will be continuing to promote Footprint Friday. Each week our usual 3 winners will be selected from the tub to receive a small prize, however every ticket that enters the tub will be put aside and placed into another tub to go into the draw to win a large Your Move prize ( prizes to be confirmed later). We are hoping this will encourage more of our families to choose active transport to and from school over the colder months. Our school Your Move banner is looking a bit worst for wear, so we also plan on doing a banner design competition and have some of our older student design a new banner, which will be made and hung in our bike racks. For our younger students we will be running a colouring in competition where the best entries also win prizes!. For more details about each event please stay tuned. Mrs Ham also spoke to our Year 1 students today about active travel at our schools values assembly. We discussed different types of active travel anf ways we can stay safe when traveling to and from school. Finally the P&C got back to Mrs Ham about trialing a walking school bus, however do to a very small amount of P&C members at our last meeting the idea was passed (although Mrs Ham has not lost hope and will approach with the same idea next year).

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Amy Ham

Safety is the word at Lakelands

This story is related to Identify activity options

Over the past few weeks we have had a big emphasis on safety, particularly bike and road safety. At our last school assembly students were reminded to use the correct road rules, by using cross walks when walking, scooting and riding to school. In our school bulletins and newsletter column our teachers and wider community have be notified about our students travelling to school via bike, scooter or foot and have not been using any safety precautions e.g. running out in front of cars without looking. Our school has also started a student problem/ suggestion box. This box is placed in our school library where students can access it and report any issues they may have within the school and then possible solutions are discussed to solve the problem. One problem that arose was our bike racks becoming too congested and our students are having difficulties getting in and out before and after school due to the high traffic. Students are also hanging their scooters on the racks walls due to limited space. Possible solutions that were discussed , was having another gate installed into our bike racks so traffic can enter the bike rack one way and exit another. The second solution that was discussed is potentially working towards a grant to have more scooter racks installed around our school, so this won't just free up more space in our bike racks , but also give our scooters a safe and suitable place to stay throughout the day. Lastly Mrs Ham has presented some information to our P&C president to forward on to our next P&C meeting, which will be held next Wednesday morning. The information is to try and encourage some of our parents who walk consistently to school to start up a walking school bus. The benefits of the Walking School bus were discussed, along with how they would like to potentially start and trial. The Walking School Bus would also help our students to travel more safely. We look forward to hearing the feedback from our P&C next week.

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Amy Ham

Walk Safely To School Day

This story is related to National Walk Safely to School Day (1)

Last Friday May 17, was Walk Safely To School Day. Lakelands PS continued to run their Footprint Friday activity and as an added extra, students received a raffle ticket and a Walk Safely To School sticker. It was great to see the buzz and talk about active transport around the school. There were lots of happy faces showing off their stickers. Mrs Ham talked to our Pre- Primary and Year 1 students about safe travel to and from school at our school values assembly in the morning. After lunch three winners were chosen to receive a Your More prize for Footprint Friday. Congratulations to Mollie- Mar, Katlyn and Seamus who were this weeks winners.


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Amy Ham

Footprint Friday T2

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 2

It is that time of year again when Lakelands ditch the cars and get walking, scooting or riding to school every Friday. Leading up to the event we needed to get the word out to our parents, students and wider community. We did this by sending out e-mails to all staff members to remind staff about Footprint Friday commencing on Friday, week 2 10, May. Mrs Ham also sent in the email how Footprint Friday works at our school for new staff. A meeting was had with our Your Move students team where we discuss jobs that needed to be done leading up to the event. We assigned students to each entrance of our school using a school map. during week 2 Mrs Muir our Deputy Principal sent out a reminder to our community on our Facebook page, where we had a lot of enthusiastic comments left by parents at our school. On the day our students team took their posts a long with our amazing school cleaner Dean who helps to hand out tickets every Friday morning. The student handed out raffle tickets at each school entrance to students who were walking, scooting or riding to school. Once the students receive these tickets they write their name and room number clearly on the ticket and place it in the Footprint Friday tub located outside Mrs Ham's classroom. After recess One of our student team representatives came to Mrs Ham's classroom to help draw out 3 winners. The winners of our first Footprint Friday were : Damon TB4.1, Liam TB3.1 and William TB1.1. The winners were then announced over the PA to come and collect their prizes. Our prizes for this years Footprint Friday are a Your Move slap band, Your Move drink bottle and a vouchers for our local muffin break. It was so great to see the buzz about Footprint Friday take over our school. This activity is one our students really enjoy participating in. Since last year we have made some small changes 1) using the school map to assign an entrance as last year not every entrance was manned and some students missed out on a ticket, which leads to change number 2 a plastic zip lock bag is located on the side of the Footprint Friday tub for students that have missed out on a ticket. Footprint Friday will continue until the end of the year. This also allows our school to celebrate Walk Safely To School Day this Friday, 17 May. Students will be handing out stickers to walking students on the day along with their raffle ticket.


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Amy Ham

Dress Up Your Bike Day (1)

This story is related to Run an event

WOW! what an event we had last Friday for Dress Up Your Bike Day. I think it was our most creative year yet!. We started our morning with the Your Move student team arriving to school early to take their battle stations as students started to arrive. We had students handing out stickers, helping people lock up their bikes and moving their bikes to their designated areas. After the siren went Mr Mitchell our principal start the judging of the Best Dads Bikes. We had only 4 entries and because they showed support they were all awarded a Your Move prize. Once our mornings were on the way as we also celebrated Harmony Day on the same day our student team conducted a Hands Up Survey. The results are in and we had a 48% increase of students choosing to ride their bikes/ scooters to school. During lunch time Mrs Ham then head to the bike racks to commence her judging with many onlookers hoping their bikes would be selected for a prize. There were so many unique and different bikes this year, making it very hard to choose a winner. Some of the entries we had included Star Wars characters, unicorns, dinosaurs, angelfish and some were even themed to harmony day by decorating their bikes with elected countries. After lunch we head to the undercover are for an afternoon Harmony Day performance and then Mrs Ham addressed the assembly with the overall Dress Up Your Bike Day winners for 2019. The winners were k- pp Lucas with a dinosaur entry, year 1-2 Eriin with the most incredible angelfish entry, yr3-4 Rupert with a dinosaur entry and yr 5-6 Tane with a Star Wars entry. Each winner received a Your Move backpacked filled with Your Move goodies which was purchased from the Your Move rewards store. Today we also shared the news and the data collected with our community on our school Facebook page.

IMG_0461.JPG (1)
IMG_0462.JPG (1)

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Amy Ham

Ready To Rock And Roll

We have had our final meeting today to discuss tomorrows big events and the kids are buzzing!. Tomorrow morning it will be full steam ahead with our Your Move team hosting their very first big event for the year. Everyone has there own job to do. Today we discussed expectations for the day and to recap the jobs that need to be done. Tomorrow morning Mrs Ham will be heading out to the bike racks to set up the designated areas for bikes and scooters to be parked according to each year level. From there the rest of the day will be student directed. At the main school bike racks we will be having yrs 1-6 parking their bikes with Marcus and Carly handing out stickers, Akayla handing out ID tags, Shay and Caelan taking photographs. In the ECE bike rack area we have Lily handing out stickers, Ella on ID tag, Jaida and Samuel photographers. Mr Mitchell our Principal will be assisting our dads who are also involved in Dress Up Your Bike Day. Straight after the siren Mr Mitchell will be handing out prizes to dads who have best dressed their bikes. While this is happening our Your Move student team will be going around to each teaching block to conduct our Hands Up Surveys. During Lunch time Mrs Ham, Mrs Hamilton and Mr Mitchell will hit the bike racks to select the best dressed bikes for the following categories. K-PP, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. Can't wait to see what our students and dads come up with. Winners will then be announced after our Harmony Day performers to come and collect their your move prizes.

lakelands 1.jpeg

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Amy Ham

Exciting New Addition

Lakelands is super excited to extend our Dress Up Your Bike day to our Dad's in our community. This year Lakelands Primary school is launching The Fathering Project. It's purpose is to inspire, encourage and support fathers and father figures in our community to be more present and pro- active at every stage of their kids' life, and their first project will be dressing up their bikes and participating in our annual Dress Up Your Bike Day. The new category of Best Dress Dad's bike has been added and we have cashed in some of our points at the reward store to purchase some prizes to appeal and motivate our dads.An e-mail has been sent out to the staff informing them about this new addition to the day. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

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Amy Ham

Dress Up Your Bike Day Lakelands

This story is related to Start a Student Team and have your first meeting.

This year to celebrate National Ride2School Day Lakelands will be hosting a Dress Up Your Bike Day. This allows students to get their bikes out the shed's and get creative. In the past we have had some very creative looking bikes/scooters and we are looking forward to seeing more of that creativity on the day. So far we have organised most of the day. We have sent out an e-mail to all Lakelands staff informing them about what the day entitles. This year our Faction Captains have been selected to be our Your Move student team (a meeting is still needed to be had with the team to discuss duties for the day). We have posted some information in our staff bulletin and closer to the day we will be posting a Facebook notice to remind parents and our local community. Posters have also been handed out to promote the day to ensure maximum participation and prizes are ready to go. So far we have 2 judges to judge all the wonderful looking bikes and select the best looking bike/scooter (very hard job to do). Stay tuned to see all the wonderful creations.

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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Newsletter Feature

We are very lucky this year to get our own feature column in our school newsletter. This will be ongoing throughout the year so we are able to keep our parents updated with Your Move events and news. It also allows us to give our community safety tips so everyone is arriving to and from school safely. Checkout our first one for the year!


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Amy Ham

Your Move 2019

Hope everyone has had a great first week back. We are in full swing this week with getting our national ride2school day resource pack. This included two giant posters and a set of stickers to hand out to students on the day. We plan on doing our annual dress up your bike day to celebrate National Ride2school day, we find this activity a whole school success as the kids get so excited to dress up their bikes and get really creative. The added bonus is they can also win some extremely cool prize which we will be ordering from the rewards shop over the next coming weeks. Planning is definitely started, Mrs Ham has begun to look at the year overview and slotting activities and ideas into each term.

Planning will be finalized once our student team is selected ( this year we will be using our sports faction captains as our student team). Mrs Ham has also sent out an e-mail to all staff giving information about her role as the Your Move coordinator and information about our first hands up survey which we hope will take place next Friday. An email of expression of interest was also sent out to all staff who wish to jump on board the Your Move bandwagon to help out throughout the year. We are really looking forward to the weeks ahead as there will be a few changes with our Your Move program, so stay tuned. Enjoy your weekend :)


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Your Move Forum

This story is related to Attend Your Move Professional Development Session

What a great day we had yesterday at the 2018 Your Move Forum. Thank you so much for the invite and the opportunity to speak to fellow schools about this amazing program. It was great to see lots of awesome ideas and people full of enthusiasm ready to take back their ideas to start the program. I look forward to seeing more stories next year and hearing about your achievements. Remember start small, set goals and communicate with others. I have attached my slides from my presentation and I have also attached Lakelands Primary schools short film. This film really captures how we have made it work for our school and can also be a really good starting point.

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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

We have winners!!!

This story is related to Annual Reflections on Achievements

Congratulations to TB3.1 Year 4 for walking their way around Australia first. Needless to say the students were very proud of their efforts. Enjoy your Your Move goodies. Last week our Your Move team completed our final hands up survey and we are very pleased with our results. We compared our first survey in February to our final and these were our findings 5% increase in walking, 20% increase in cycling and 8% decrease in driving. We also had our final meeting for the year. Our team had a chance to discuss some highlights from the year and made some recommendations for next year. Our students really enjoyed Footprint Friday and Dress up your bike day. They also came up with some awesome suggestions for next year. 1) Have a most active travel award to present to a winning class each junior and senior assembly 2) Juniors vs seniors (prize to be given to the most active group) 3) Promote Walk Around Australia better next year 4) keep Footprint Friday and Dress up your bike day 5) Possibly try the Your Move star cards- use completed star cards to go into the draw to win a big prize. Moving forward next year we also hope to introduce a breakfast club, this will be run in conjunction with our NQS committee. We also hope to have our own section in the school newsletter to keep parents more updated with up coming events. Footprint Friday is also scheduled to finish Friday next week. It has been an amazing year for Lakelands Primary and we can't wait to continue in 2018.

walk around australia.jpeg

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National Ride To School Comp

What a busy few weeks we have had in regards to Your Move at Lakelands Primary. Firstly it started with Mrs Ham receiving the Champion Award at the recent Your Move awards. She was very excited to return to school and share the news, she also made a special appearance with her award in the staff bulletin and student newsletter. Some of our classrooms have been busy designing a poster for the National Ride2School competition. During this time it has been a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of choosing active transport to and from school with our students. Now that the weather is becoming a lot more pleasant, our Your Movers will be conducting a whole school hands up survey next week on Friday 16th of November. We are hoping this time we will be able to see some better results in comparison to our last hands up survey which happened to be on a really stormy day. A final meeting is also going to happen with our Your Movers team next week to see if we can potentially start to plan out some of our big events we would like to host next year. It is also an opportunity for our Your Movers to reflect on the year and the events and competitions they have really enjoyed. The Walk Around Australia classroom comp is also continuing along with our Footprint Friday incentive.


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Amy Ham

National Ride To School Day Comp

Last week Mrs Ham received an email from the bicycle network with some information on a competition they are holding this term. Mrs Ham then forwarded this email to the rest of the school to see if there would be any interest in completing the comps with their class and the interest was astounding. Lots of classroom will be completing the poster competition. Mrs Ham placed a copy of the information and template into teachers pigeon holes and we can not wait to see what some of our students come up with. Fingers crossed there are some winner!

On the 12/10/2018 Lakelands Primary school conducted a hands up survey. In reflection we had some very bad weather during this day which we feel affected our results in a significant way and as a result we had a high percentage of decreases for active transport. Due to this result and bad weather factors we will be conducting one more hands up survey before the end of the year to see if there is any improvement. Next year our school will try and set goals to encourage students to come to school even if the weather is rainy/ stormy. On a positive note we still had a 33% decrease with students travelling to school via car.

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Walk Around Australia!

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Well the Your Move has jumped straight into Term 4 with excitement to trial a new activity with our whole school. This term Lakelands Primary will be encouraging their students to walk, ride and scoot to school and continue to participate in Footprint Friday. Every Friday if a student walks, scoots or rides to school will continue to receive a ticket at our schools entrances and go into the draw to win some awesome Your Move prizes. When students go to their classrooms they will also be able to colour in 1 square on the path located on the Australian maps each teacher has received in their pigeon holes today. The first class to have all the squares on their foot path coloured in and handed back to Mrs Ham first will win a class reward. On top of this teachers will also be conducting a hands up survey this Friday so we can compare data and start to set some goals for next year.


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Term 4 plans

As we are approaching the end of Term 3 we are in full swing preparing for our Your Move activities next term. In Term 4 we have decided to trial something new that we haven't tried before. Lakelands Primary is going to attempt the walk around Australia activity, however we are adapting to best suit our school. Last week Mrs Ham e-mailed the Department of Health who delivered our resource pack, which included the Walk Around Australia Maps and the Take The Challenge resource book. At the beginning of next term each classroom will be delivered a Walk Around Australia Map (please see pic below). To encourage more participation in a Footprint Friday, each class will colour in a square on the map per person who has chosen active travel to school ( students will still also receive a Footprint Friday ticket for the Footprint Friday raffle in the mornings).We have chosen per person instead of calculating distances to cut back on teacher workload and this way it caters for all our students k-6. The first classroom to have all squares coloured in and returned to Mrs Ham will receive a class prize. A hands up survey will also be done at the beginning of Term 4 and the end of term 4 to compare results.


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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

More Winners!

This week we have continued to have more winners bring in their posters and colouring in designs. All prize winners have been very pleased to receive their awesome Your Move prizes. Also a big thank you to muffin break Lakelands for kindly donating a big stack of vouchers for the students to receive as a part of our Footprint Friday initiative it was very much appreciated.


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Classroom Comps

Already we have some very motivated teachers and students jumping straight into our classroom comps. Have a look at some of the winners who are extremely happy with their prizes. Prizes were awarded and celebrated in each individual class. Can't wait to see more as they roll in until the end of term. We also were able to give our bike hamper winner her prize today. She was one happy cookie. Congratulations once again Molly and enjoy your basket of goodies.


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Cross Walk Number 2!

Lakelands Primary has finally had cross walk number 2 installed at the front entrance of the school thanks to the wonderful Megan Turner on our schools P &C for making this happen. Unfortunately we have not yet got a volunteer to help children and parents cross, however we are looking for volunteers to assist with this in our school news letter. Article that was posted is attached and photos to come.

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Upgrades For The ECE bike track

This term our Your Movers team was approached by our wonderful ECE teachers looking for some help to upgrade our current bike track for the children, to make it more appealing and fun. The Your Movers jumped at the opportunity and are already looking at different grants we can access in order to make this happen for our school. Continue to watch this space change. Photo of what we currently have is attached.


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Lakelands Has Been Busy!

Over the past few week Lakelands Your Move team has been very busy. Footprint Friday has continued with a lot of raffles tickets being handed out at the gates to win the awesome bike accessories hamper. It was great to see so many parents and students participating in active travel. Today at our junior assembly our lucky winner was announced - Congratulations to Molly in Yr1 on the win. Unfortunately Molly has been away from school this week but we hope to take photos to share really soon. Mrs Ham has also been really busy prepping our classroom competitions. From now until the end of term our school will be participating in a range of classroom activities which include: k-PP - colouring in competition, Yr 1-3 poster design comp and Yrs 3-6 advertisement design. These competitions have really striked up a conversation about how we travel and live healthy lifestyles. Our Yr 4-6 mission is to encourage and motivate our community to choose active travel to slow down the congestion around our school ( this advert can be done either on paper or as a TV advert filmed on a iPad. 1 winner from each classroom will be selected to win a prize.
6C074B74-4E21-48A8-BCE0-E0E276E58655.jpeg (1)

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Term 3

Well we are into Term 3 already and Footprint Friday has continued. As an extra little incentive this term not only will we be doing our 3 winners for Footprint Friday every week, but we are also having an awesome Your Move bike accessories hamper up for grabs!. Using some of our points we were able to order a heap of awesome Your Move merchandise to get the kids excited about choosing active travel to and from school. How do our students get the chance to win this amazing hamper you may ask?. Every student who participates in Footprint Friday receives a raffle ticket this raffle ticket then goes into the Footprint Friday bin . At the end of the day Mrs Ham then takes the raffle tickets out of this bin and places them into a new tub ready to have the winning ticket drawn for the accessories hamper Friday week 5 this term ( 17th August). This has been publicised on our schools Facebook page, information has also been emailed out to our staff to keep everyone updated. Since being back this term we have also completed another round of hands up surveys to see how our school is traveling. After week 5 we have plenty more awesome activities for our students to complete so watch this space.

the hamper includes : 1 helmet, 1 stand up pump, 1 bell, 1 drink bottle,1 slap band, 1 $20 Kmart gift card, 1 backpack and 1 reflector light.

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Team Meeting

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What's next for Term 3?

Today our Your Mover's got together to discuss our plans for Term 3 and 4.

Footprint Friday will continue and we have delegated who will hand out tickets at each entrance

Main entrance: Angie and Mason

Kiss and drop entrance: Aimee, Luke

Side entrance: Harri, Tayah

Every Friday tickets will continue to be handed out to students who ride, scoot or walk to school. Three winners will be drawn out of the Footprint Friday tub to receive a Your Move prize.

During Term 3 all tickets from Footprint Friday will be collected and go into the draw to win a big Your Move hamper the hamper contains – a bag, drink bottle, $20 K- mart voucher, muffin break voucher, helmet, pump, light, bike bell and a slap band.

This will be drawn at the end of term 3.

A hands up survey will be conducted Week 1 Friday.

Whole school Activity Ideas for Term 3

k-PP- Colouring in comp (walking school bus)- 1 winner each class

yrs 1-3- design a poster to promote active travel – 1 winner each class

yrs 4-6 – Class advert to be recorded on a Ipad classes will need to design an advert to persuade our community to choose active travel to and from school. Winning class will receive a class prize.

Term 4 – we are hoping to do the Walk around Australia activity over walk over October- first class to complete and return back to Mrs Ham will receive a class reward.

Idea for next year – A Your Move award to be handed out at junior and senior assemblies to the most active traveling class each term.

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Amy Ham

Year 6 Camp Activity

Last week our year 6 students left Lakelands for three days to enjoy their camp. While at camp the year 6's participated in a variety of outdoor activities, one of those being Mountain bike riding!. Students started out doing a simple skills course on the basketball court learning how to use the gears, then followed simple tracks around camp- up and down hills of various slopes, riding over different surfaces such as grass, bumpy limestone paths, and bitumen. The year 6 had an amazing time and really enjoyed getting out and riding in the great outdoors. This experience was also shared on our schools Facebook page, so parents could see the wonderful things their children were engaging in while away.

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Amy Ham

Mrs Burrage Bike Safety Lesson

Mrs Burrage is one of our amazing teachers here at Lakelands Primary. During Term 1 Mrs Burrage was teaching her class about bike safety. In this particular lesson Mrs Burrage had a focus of wearing a helmet and how it helps to protect our heads if we were to have an accident. She used hard boiled eggs to represent a persons head, one egg had a helmet (cardboard egg cup) and the other had no helmet at all. The year 1 students then moved outside to observe what would happen if we had an accident wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet. The students compared what happened with each egg and quickly learnt that a helmet helps to protect our heads when riding and in their words “ you can’'t see their brains”. We are very lucky here at Lakelands Primary to have so many wonderful teachers promoting Your Move and teaching our students how to travel safely.


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Amy Ham

Update Donation

Unfortunately we have been unsuccessful in receiving a donation of a bike to our school from our local bike stores, however Lakelands will not stop there!. Instead we are tapping into some of our other contacts that donate goods to our school to see if we can chime into some bike accessories to make a bike/ scooter accessories hamper. Thankfully we have an amazing P&C president who has offered her services to help assist with this project. Fingers crossed we are able to chime into some really great products to motivate our students to choose active transport to school.

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Footprint Friday launched !

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Footprint Friday launched at Lakelands today and what a day to start. The weather is crazy outside and yet we still had a small handful of children walk, ride and scoot to school this morning. Those people received a raffle ticket this morning which they have placed into our Footprint Friday bin. Three winners will be drawn this afternoon by our Your Movers. Winners will receive a prize. Let's hope for better weather and more active transport next week.


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Footprint Friday

Term 2, Friday 25th May, we will be launching Footprint Friday. To get this event organised and ready, we have had a meeting with our Your Movers to discuss the different roles they will need to do throughout the day (every Friday). For example - gate duties, announcements (Thursdays, winners) on the PA system, selecting winners, ticket management (Letting Mrs Ham know when they run out). Our Your Mover students will be located at each main gate to the school handing out tickets to every student who walks, scoots or rides to school. Students who receive this tickets are to put their name and classroom number on the ticket and place it into the Footprint Friday bin (Outside Mrs Ham's classroom). After lunch 3 winners will then be selected from the bin and awarded some great Your Move goodies. All the tickets will be kept until the end of term to hopefully go into the draw for a donated bike from a local business. Footprint Friday will run every Friday until the end of the year. We have also placed an announcement into our school bulletin (for teachers) and our parent news letter. Stay tuned for photos next week!.

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Amy Ham

Calling All Donations !

This year Lakelands has branched out to our local bike shop business's asking for a donation of a bike to help encourage our students to choose active transport to and from school. What better incentive than winning a super awesome new bike!. We plan to use the bike as an incentive with our Footprint Friday day. Students will be handed tickets for walking, scooting and riding to school on a Friday. All tokens go into our Footprint Friday bin (which has had a face lift this year- very eye catching for our students). At the end of the term all the tickets will be put in the tub together and 1 lucky winner will be selected to win the donated bike prize - to be present by the shop manager or owner at our Term 2 final assembly. Donation letters went out this week so, fingers crossed we can score ourselves a donation! .

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Dress Up Your Bike Day

On March 23rd Lakelands Primary school celebrated National Ride To School Day by dressing up their bikes. Leading up to the event our Your Move team was very busy getting everything organised by sending out flyers to all classrooms, posting information in the staff bulletin and school newsletter. Reminders were announced over our P.A system and discussions were also had at our Friday morning values assemblies. On the day as the gates opened to the school, our Your Move team took their positions and got to work. We had a huge turn out of bikes and scooters all beautifully decorated. Our team were busy taking photos of some of our best yet decorated bikes and scooters, other members were assisting students to put their bikes into our bike racks safely, we were also handing out stickers to all who participated. During recess time our judges had a very hard decision to choose 3 bikes as winners, however after a very long discussion three winners were selected and announced over our PA system after recess time. These winners received some great You Move goodies. The day was a great success and as a result we had a lot of students choosing active transport to school. Some of our teachers also used this day as a great opportunity to teach our students about bike safety ( some great lesson ideas to come).

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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Preparations Dress Up Your Bike Day 2018

Well preparations are in full swing for National Ride To School Day 2018. Lakelands Primary will be hosting a Dress Up Your Bike day to help celebrate. We recently completed our first hands up surveys for the year and I have to say our results are not that crash hot. We are hoping to really motivate our students this year to lift up those results once again. What better way to do that than dusting off your bike and dressing it up to win some fabulous prizes?

We have added all the details about the special day into our newsletter and staff bulletin to ensure everyone knows what the plan for the day. 

Download the "Dress up bike day newsletter 2018"

Our special "Your Move" helpers have been selected and a meeting will be held with them very soon to discuss our jobs for the day. Posters are also in the works of being created and placed around the school *photos to come later. 

Our amazing Principal Mrs Hamilton has placed her hand up to be one of our special judges on the day along side with many more motivated teachers. Moving on from here we will continue to encourage students to participate on the day and motivate to choose active transport to and from school. 

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Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Lakelands is back!

Lakelands is back and ready to go for 2018. We will be conducting our first hands up surveys this week on Friday and getting ready to host our first event later on this term. We are currently selecting a team of students to get our school motivated to choose active ways to travel. Looking forward to another great year and great results.

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