On the lead up to National Road Safety week, the Year 1 students at Lakelands P.S learnt all about bike safety and 5 rules to help us get to school safely using our bikes. The lesson started with a short powerpoint where students discussed a series of pictures and some of the equipment we need to ride our bikes safely.


Afterwards we watched a quick video that discussed 5 rules to be applied when riding your bike. The following rules were:-

1) Keep Left

2) Give way

3)Walk your bike when crossing the road

4) Two hands on handlebars

5)Use bell to warn others.


Students were able to share their own stories and experiences about riding their bikes. To finish the lesson off students completed a worksheet recapping the 5 rules they had just learnt.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Amy - thanks for sharing how your Bike Safety lesson went. You have earned 60 points for this, plus 10 for clearly mapping out the steps of the lesson. Great to hear how interactive it was.

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