Footprint Friday launched at Lakelands today and what a day to start. The weather is crazy outside and yet we still had a small handful of children walk, ride and scoot to school this morning. Those people received a raffle ticket this morning which they have placed into our Footprint Friday bin. Three winners will be drawn this afternoon by our Your Movers. Winners will receive a prize. Let's hope for better weather and more active transport next week.

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James (Your Move)

It's great to see your FPF compaign up and running - you got 90 points for having a regular active travel day. I'm sure it won't rain on your parade too often! And remember that with the right winter gear kids love walking in the rain!

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A raincoat, rainboots, umbrella & of course a backpack raincover (available through YM!) and then everyone is set for a little bit of the wet stuff! Well done to those who braved the elements to come to school.

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