It is that time of year again when Lakelands ditch the cars and get walking, scooting or riding to school every Friday. Leading up to the event we needed to get the word out to our parents, students and wider community. We did this by sending out e-mails to all staff members to remind staff about Footprint Friday commencing on Friday, week 2 10, May. Mrs Ham also sent in the email how Footprint Friday works at our school for new staff. A meeting was had with our Your Move students team where we discuss jobs that needed to be done leading up to the event. We assigned students to each entrance of our school using a school map. during week 2 Mrs Muir our Deputy Principal sent out a reminder to our community on our Facebook page, where we had a lot of enthusiastic comments left by parents at our school. On the day our students team took their posts a long with our amazing school cleaner Dean who helps to hand out tickets every Friday morning. The student handed out raffle tickets at each school entrance to students who were walking, scooting or riding to school. Once the students receive these tickets they write their name and room number clearly on the ticket and place it in the Footprint Friday tub located outside Mrs Ham's classroom. After recess One of our student team representatives came to Mrs Ham's classroom to help draw out 3 winners. The winners of our first Footprint Friday were : Damon TB4.1, Liam TB3.1 and William TB1.1. The winners were then announced over the PA to come and collect their prizes. Our prizes for this years Footprint Friday are a Your Move slap band, Your Move drink bottle and a vouchers for our local muffin break. It was so great to see the buzz about Footprint Friday take over our school. This activity is one our students really enjoy participating in. Since last year we have made some small changes 1) using the school map to assign an entrance as last year not every entrance was manned and some students missed out on a ticket, which leads to change number 2 a plastic zip lock bag is located on the side of the Footprint Friday tub for students that have missed out on a ticket. Footprint Friday will continue until the end of the year. This also allows our school to celebrate Walk Safely To School Day this Friday, 17 May. Students will be handing out stickers to walking students on the day along with their raffle ticket.

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James (Your Move)

Well hello - what a whopper of a story! Great stuff Lakelands. Your very detailed description of your FPF campaign has earned you 20 bonus points (for all the helpful details), 5 points for reflecting on your improvements from last year, and 90 points for getting your regular active travel day up and running in term 2. I'm looking forward to also hearing how your W2SD goes on Friday.

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David (Your Move)

So much detail! What a great plan for rewarding and encouraging Footprint Friday! Thanks for the update Lakelands! As James said, it's great to hear how you've reviewed and improved upon the 2018 version. Keep up the great work.

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