Footprint Friday is back in action! We held a Your Move team meeting where we discussed the roles and responsibilities for running Footprint Friday each week on Wednesday. This year we have a new look and have invested in some Hi Vis vests for the student team to wear, so they can be easily seen at each entrances of the school. The Your move team arrived on time and took their guard at the schools entrances, where they hand out raffle tickets to students who choose active transport to school. It is the students responsibility to write their name and room number on the ticket and place it in the Footprint Friday tub located outside Mrs Ham's (Tb1.4) room. Parents were notified via bulletin boards, newsletters and reminders on whiteboards. After our lunch break 3 winners were drawn and announced over the PA system. Congratulations to the three winners today who received a Your Move prize.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Amy and all at Lakelands - great to see your team has fired up FFF for term 3! Your regular AT day in term 3 has earned you a big 90 points, plus 10 for giving so many details (including your planning document). You also earned 22 points for having a newsletter article promoting active travel this term..

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