Term 2, Friday 25th May, we will be launching Footprint Friday. To get this event organised and ready, we have had a meeting with our Your Movers to discuss the different roles they will need to do throughout the day (every Friday). For example - gate duties, announcements (Thursdays, winners) on the PA system, selecting winners, ticket management (Letting Mrs Ham know when they run out). Our Your Mover students will be located at each main gate to the school handing out tickets to every student who walks, scoots or rides to school. Students who receive this tickets are to put their name and classroom number on the ticket and place it into the Footprint Friday bin (Outside Mrs Ham's classroom). After lunch 3 winners will then be selected from the bin and awarded some great Your Move goodies. All the tickets will be kept until the end of term to hopefully go into the draw for a donated bike from a local business. Footprint Friday will run every Friday until the end of the year. We have also placed an announcement into our school bulletin (for teachers) and our parent news letter. Stay tuned for photos next week!.

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James (Your Move)

Sound like some great plans! You got 15 extra points for telling us all about your planning session and a bonus 10 for the level of details. Make sure you give an update after the day then you can get points for the actual event.

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