The wheels are rolling as we head into the Year of 2020 at Lakelands Primary school, where we are in preparations of organising our annual Dress Up Your Bike day event to celebrate National Ride2School Day. On Friday, 13th, March ( Week 6) students are encouraged to dust off their bikes and scooters and dress them up in fancy dress like costumes and ride/ scoot to school. In preparations of this day we have promoted the events to parents with all the need to know information through the school newsletter and posters placed around the school. Another reminder leading up to the day will also be shared on our schools social media page. Staff have also been updated with information about the day via e-mail and staff communications bulletin.

So far we have organised our first Your Movers meeting which will be held next week on Thursday during recess time to discuss the duties of a Your Mover and future events and competitions we would like to see at Lakelands Primary for 2020. Our Your Mover team consists of Mrs Ham, our school faction captains and Mrs De'Oliveira. Our Faction Captains are selected as our Your Move student team, as they are ambassadors for our school by promoting active lifestyles. The Your Move student duties are built into their contract and allows them to demonstrate leadership throughout the school.

This year we will also be conducting two hands up surveys during Term 1. The reasons for this is to compare how many students who travel actively to school on a normal day, compared to an event day. Next week we will conduct our first hands up survey for the year and follow this up with another one on the day of Dress Up Your Bike Day.

On the day of Dress Up Your Bike day all student entries must have their name, year level and classroom number clearly marked on their entry. If this information is not provided they will not be in the running to receive a Your Move goody bag prize. Students will also need to park their bike in designated areas ( this is to help with judging later on in the day). Judging will be completed by our Admin team and Mrs Ham, who will be judging the student on their creativity. Throughout the day classes will be encouraged to good for a walk around the school to look at the display of dressed up bikes and scooters. During recess time the entries will be judged and an announcement will be made over the PA to congratulate the winners. The categories for Best Dressed Bikes/ scooters are as follows : Best Dressed K- PP, Best Dressed YR 1-2, Best Dressed Yr 3-4, Best Dressed Yr 5-6. Every year we host Dress Up Your Bike day we get a large number of our school participating and submitting some outstanding and innovated entries. We have found that each year it gets bigger and better, and we hope that 2020 is no exception.

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James (Your Move)

That is a massive update Amy! It seems you are right into it for 2020 which is certainly something to reward. With all those plans in place it is clearly that you have earned the 15 points for the "schedule a regular planning session" activity. You also earned 22 points for your promo of the upcoming events in the newsletter. On top of that a big 20 points for giving us such a good run down of all your plans - remember when they come to fruition you will also get points for all the events you have planned.

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