Mrs Burrage is one of our amazing teachers here at Lakelands Primary. During Term 1 Mrs Burrage was teaching her class about bike safety. In this particular lesson Mrs Burrage had a focus of wearing a helmet and how it helps to protect our heads if we were to have an accident. She used hard boiled eggs to represent a persons head, one egg had a helmet (cardboard egg cup) and the other had no helmet at all. The year 1 students then moved outside to observe what would happen if we had an accident wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet. The students compared what happened with each egg and quickly learnt that a helmet helps to protect our heads when riding and in their words “ you can’'t see their brains”. We are very lucky here at Lakelands Primary to have so many wonderful teachers promoting Your Move and teaching our students how to travel safely.

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James (Your Move)

Mrs. Burrage sounds like a school legend! Her class activity has earned you 15 points, plus a bonus 15 for the innovative idea of breaking eggs which clearly got the kids' attention.

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What a fantastic, practical lesson for the kids on why it's so important to wear a helmet when riding their bikes or scooters. (Amy just watch copy and pasting text from MS Word, as sometimes it copies over the formatting - which can either change the font, or even make the page glitchy! If your on a mac put it into Text Edit & choose "make plain text" then copy and paste the plain text in. if you're on Windows use Notepad to do the same. cheers Trevor :)

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