We have had our final meeting today to discuss tomorrows big events and the kids are buzzing!. Tomorrow morning it will be full steam ahead with our Your Move team hosting their very first big event for the year. Everyone has there own job to do. Today we discussed expectations for the day and to recap the jobs that need to be done. Tomorrow morning Mrs Ham will be heading out to the bike racks to set up the designated areas for bikes and scooters to be parked according to each year level. From there the rest of the day will be student directed. At the main school bike racks we will be having yrs 1-6 parking their bikes with Marcus and Carly handing out stickers, Akayla handing out ID tags, Shay and Caelan taking photographs. In the ECE bike rack area we have Lily handing out stickers, Ella on ID tag, Jaida and Samuel photographers. Mr Mitchell our Principal will be assisting our dads who are also involved in Dress Up Your Bike Day. Straight after the siren Mr Mitchell will be handing out prizes to dads who have best dressed their bikes. While this is happening our Your Move student team will be going around to each teaching block to conduct our Hands Up Surveys. During Lunch time Mrs Ham, Mrs Hamilton and Mr Mitchell will hit the bike racks to select the best dressed bikes for the following categories. K-PP, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. Can't wait to see what our students and dads come up with. Winners will then be announced after our Harmony Day performers to come and collect their your move prizes.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a operation with Swiss clock precision! I'm looking forward to seeing photos in the coming days - for now I have given you 10 points for sharing so many elements of your plans.

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