Over the past few weeks we have had a big emphasis on safety, particularly bike and road safety. At our last school assembly students were reminded to use the correct road rules, by using cross walks when walking, scooting and riding to school. In our school bulletins and newsletter column our teachers and wider community have be notified about our students travelling to school via bike, scooter or foot and have not been using any safety precautions e.g. running out in front of cars without looking. Our school has also started a student problem/ suggestion box. This box is placed in our school library where students can access it and report any issues they may have within the school and then possible solutions are discussed to solve the problem. One problem that arose was our bike racks becoming too congested and our students are having difficulties getting in and out before and after school due to the high traffic. Students are also hanging their scooters on the racks walls due to limited space. Possible solutions that were discussed , was having another gate installed into our bike racks so traffic can enter the bike rack one way and exit another. The second solution that was discussed is potentially working towards a grant to have more scooter racks installed around our school, so this won't just free up more space in our bike racks , but also give our scooters a safe and suitable place to stay throughout the day. Lastly Mrs Ham has presented some information to our P&C president to forward on to our next P&C meeting, which will be held next Wednesday morning. The information is to try and encourage some of our parents who walk consistently to school to start up a walking school bus. The benefits of the Walking School bus were discussed, along with how they would like to potentially start and trial. The Walking School Bus would also help our students to travel more safely. We look forward to hearing the feedback from our P&C next week.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Amy - thanks for this insightful update of your ideas for breaking some of the barriers to increased AT currently existing at Lakelands. Your one-way system for bike parking sounds like a positive way to solve what some schools might find an enviable problem - bike congestion! I have linked your story to the 'identify activity options' activity which has given you 20 YM points, plus there is a bonus 20 points for the informative level of detail you have shared. Have a lovely weekend!

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I love this proactive approach to problem solving your bike & scooter parking problems. It really showcases just how many kids are regularly riding and scooting to school which is awesome. However, it is important that kids have an easily accessible space to put their bikes and scooter and the Connecting Schools Grants- which might just help you to ease this 'congestion' - aren't too far away! Great news to hear you are approaching the P&C regarding a Walking School Bus too.

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