As we are approaching the end of Term 3 we are in full swing preparing for our Your Move activities next term. In Term 4 we have decided to trial something new that we haven't tried before. Lakelands Primary is going to attempt the walk around Australia activity, however we are adapting to best suit our school. Last week Mrs Ham e-mailed the Department of Health who delivered our resource pack, which included the Walk Around Australia Maps and the Take The Challenge resource book. At the beginning of next term each classroom will be delivered a Walk Around Australia Map (please see pic below). To encourage more participation in a Footprint Friday, each class will colour in a square on the map per person who has chosen active travel to school ( students will still also receive a Footprint Friday ticket for the Footprint Friday raffle in the mornings).We have chosen per person instead of calculating distances to cut back on teacher workload and this way it caters for all our students k-6. The first classroom to have all squares coloured in and returned to Mrs Ham will receive a class prize. A hands up survey will also be done at the beginning of Term 4 and the end of term 4 to compare results.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the details of your Walk Around Australia campaign/comp - you got a bonus 10 points for giving us all the ins and outs - and you'll be up for 60 points when you let us know that the campaign is up and running.

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