Lakelands has continued to roll out Footprint Friday for Term 4. Each Friday we seem to be seeing an increase in students who are selecting active transport as an option to get to school.

As we are starting to get closer to the end of the year it has allowed our Your Move team to reflect on the year. Moving forward we will be making some changes into next year. Our senior student leaders will be involved with the Your Move initiative next year by blogging, taking photos and keeping students well informed on all the Your Move events and information. Mrs Ham will continue to support students and help coordinate any events that are at a large scale such as dress up your bike day. Faction Captains will continue to run Footprint Friday starting in Term 1 instead of Term 2.

We are hoping to meet all student leaders earlier to plan out our whole year in order to run events and be more organised. Our newsletter column will continue. We are hoping to add some new exciting innovated ideas to engage our students in active transport. We will be completing our last hands up survey for the year in week 8. We have also registered for National Ride Your Bike to School day for 2021.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Amy and the Lakelands YM Team. Great to hear that your FPF is pushing on to the end of the year and that you are seeing continued growth. It is also excellent that the student team are taking on the role of story writing and photo taking, and the you are starting your FPF days in Term 1. Your FPF report has earned you 90 points for Term 4. Also your reflection on improvements for 2021 has earned you another 15 points. You have also earned 10 points for sharing so much info.

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