Well it is almost the end of Term 3 and what a busy term is has been. There is no better way to finish it off than with a Footprint Friday Super Draw winner. Over Term 3 every Friday the students who have received raffle tickets for active travel had been rolled over into a super draw, where one lucky winner at the end of the term will be drawn to receive over $200 worth of Your Move prizes!!. That time has finally come a big Congratulations to Will Gilkes who was drawn from the super draw tub by our Principal Mr Mitchell. Will and his family were extremely excited to receive their prize, as he had been telling his parents every Friday he had to ride to school ! Awesome job to Will and his family for choosing to make a change by walking, riding and scooting to school. We announced the winning ticket over the PA system and an announcement was also added to our schools social media page. Last week on Friday our Your Movers conducted a hands up survey. Here are our findings: compared to results Term 3 last year we have definitely made some behaviour changes and gains. The results compared to this time last year show 46% increase with walking, 65% increase of public transport, 72% increase with cycling and a -23% decrease in driving. The survey also shows that nearly 50% of our school is choosing to ride, scoot, walk or catch public transport to school. Planning has also taken place for next term so stay tuned for what we have in stall.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the good read on your term 3 activities Amy. Will certainly seems happy with his rather impressive prize pack. Equally impressive are your survey results! Your raffle has earned you 25 points (as the 'Regular awards for students using active travel' activity) plus a bonus 10 for all the details.

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