Hope everyone has had a great first week back. We are in full swing this week with getting our national ride2school day resource pack. This included two giant posters and a set of stickers to hand out to students on the day. We plan on doing our annual dress up your bike day to celebrate National Ride2school day, we find this activity a whole school success as the kids get so excited to dress up their bikes and get really creative. The added bonus is they can also win some extremely cool prize which we will be ordering from the rewards shop over the next coming weeks. Planning is definitely started, Mrs Ham has begun to look at the year overview and slotting activities and ideas into each term.

Planning will be finalized once our student team is selected ( this year we will be using our sports faction captains as our student team). Mrs Ham has also sent out an e-mail to all staff giving information about her role as the Your Move coordinator and information about our first hands up survey which we hope will take place next Friday. An email of expression of interest was also sent out to all staff who wish to jump on board the Your Move bandwagon to help out throughout the year. We are really looking forward to the weeks ahead as there will be a few changes with our Your Move program, so stay tuned. Enjoy your weekend :)

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James (Your Move)

Great to see you kicking off your plans for the year. Your planning session has earned you 15 activity points, plus you gained 65 points for your engagement with potential volunteers - one thing is for sure, it is definitely a case of "the more, the merrier" when it comes to getting help with YM!

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