The new location for our bike racks

Jemma Temby
Lancelin Primary School

On Friday the Year 5/6 students helped Seitzy move the bike racks from near the tennis courts to the driveway near the Kindy class. We wanted to make it safer for our students to get to School and they now follow the bike paths around the perimeter of the school to ride straight to the bike racks. It was wonderful to see all our walkers and riders using the path and arrive at school safely this morning. Well done! Sargent Baggott came to chat to us as well this morning and reminded us to wear our helmets and take the safe route to school. Thank you to our senior students for being fantastic role models for our younger riders.

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Welcome on board Lancelin PS! Great to hear about your initiatives to keep the kids who cycle to school safe through provision of bike racks in an easy to access and safe location, whilst also providing road safety tips from the local police. We look forward to finding out more about your school and the great things happening to encourage walking and cycling to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jemma - my name is James and I review all the stories posted on the YM site. Thanks for diving in and posting your first two stories. You correctly linked this one to the "Install or upgrade bike parking" activity and so automatically received 80 points, but I have also just given you an extra 12 points for posting your very first YM story. I look forward to following Lancelin's YM activities and don't hestiate to ask if you have any questions.

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