Lathlain wants to move !

Jenny Beer
Lathlain Primary School

During Bike Month last October we launched our own survey with our Parent Community to have a better picture of how we got to school in 2020.

Our You Move Team met to discuss what we wanted to know then adapted the official Your Move school survey and tailored it to meet out school's needs and created an online form.

We sent out the link through our Class Representative system, our P&C Facebook page and class groups, the school's app Skoolbag, on the school's website and in the newsletter. We also created a QR code that we put up on flyer around the school in the early childhood, junior and senior areas so that parents could scan their mobile and fill in the 1 minute survey while they were waiting to pick up their child. Check it out here!

We ran the campaign from 15 October until the beginning of November 2020. Although we had a few teething technology issues with QR codes and links to the survey, of the approx 340 families at Lathlain Primary we received 84 responses. This equates to an engagement of 25% of the school community and was considered a great move forward for our first survey.

We kept it 6 questions to find out how far people are traveling to school, where they are coming from, how they prefer to get to school, how they actually get to school, what impediments are there to getting to school and any suggestions to improve walking/cycling options?

So what did we discover?

Significant in the survey was that of the families that responded 53% of them are getting to school by car.

Of those that drove, over half of them would prefer to walk, ride or scoot to school.

It was also clear that for about half of our participants that responded, hindrances like road safety and time pressures were impacting them on their preferred commute.

Through open suggestions it showed that two of our busiest streets leading to school needed to be looked at as there were safety concerns raised for children crossing independently.

We have collaborated in Your Move meetings with the School Leaders and the P&C and recognised opportunities around traffic management and road safety. Investigations into the requirements for Type A Children's Crossings were started through the Western Australian Police Force and it was decided that car counts could be a solution to getting more data to see if we could apply. Our wonderful parents got straight onto it.

Our school community is passionate around finding alternative ways to get to school and we will use the data captured in this survey and the momentum of the Your Move Program to drive the planning of events and opportunities for alternatives to car travel.

The conversations have certainly started, and we are excited for our next steps to come in 2021!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jenny and welcome back for 2021! Thanks for updating us with your parent survey, and sharing the ways you have done it a little differently. Great to hear that so many are keen to use active travel. It sounds like you have made a great start at addressing the current barriers - well done. You have earned 60 points for your survey plus a bonus 20 for sharing so much information. Thanks!

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