A new year and a new start with the Your Move programme. We started slowly last year and are aiming to gain momentum throughout this year.

Our results compared to the same time last year are a promising start, although we keep in mind that we have had a transition of one cohort moving on to year 7 and a new cohort of students coming in. The positive results include a 4% decrease in students being driven to the College, 73% increase in the number of students catching public transport or school bus and a 20% increase in cycling to school. The only negative was a 30%decrease in the number of students walking, however, this in leveled out by the increase in public transport and cycling to school. This indicates that overall, we have more active in getting to school this year when compared to last years results. As always, there is room to improve and I will write to this in further detail in a future post.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to YMS 2020 Meg and all at Living Waters! You automatically earn 50 points when you upload your start of year Hands Up Survey results and I have just given you a 10 point bonus for your discussion of your results. Yes it looks like a good start to the year - and there always is some variation in the details of the results as there are many external factors, so you are right not to worry too much about the apparent reduced walking result for this survey. Make sure you check in again soon!

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