After completing our Hands Up Survey, we were able to identify that 81% of our Primary School students either use a car or public transport to get to school and that 19% of students either walk or ride their bike to school.

I am not overly surprised that the number of students that actively get to school (walking/riding/scooting) is so low as we are a college that is not restricted with its intake boundary. This means that we have students travelling to us from places such as Mandurah (30 minute drive away) and Baldivis (15 minute drive away). We do provide a school bus service to both of these areas. Having such a large intake area becomes one of the major barriers to achieving a higher percentage of students walking to school.

Other issues we may have in implementing the Your Move programme is timing. Ensuring that time is specifically put aside to plan and implement a few events/activities to make the idea of being active a fun one. We also think that we need to organise some mini sessions/messages that need to be given to students consistently so they are reminded and encouraged to be more active on a regular basis and not just when an event is being held.

The first activity that we are getting involved with is the Walk Safely to School Day.

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