Pedal Prix Competitions - Bussleton (WA) and Murray Bridge (SA)

Meg Couzens

This year we have continued our 20 year tradition as a College to participate in Pedal Prix.

After many weeks planning and training on bikes with the proper safety equipment, we had 4 teams racing in the Busselton competition at the start of Term 3 and then had one team fly over and attend the 24-hour National Pedal Prix competition at Murray Bridge in South Australia at the end of the term.

In Murray Bridge, we were one of two teams from Western Australia. We competed amongst 207 others schools and university teams. The race began at 12pm on Saturday and students raced through the night in both rain and wind with the event finishing at 12pm on the Sunday. The students all competed to the best of their ability with increase in confidence and time improvement each time they got in the bike. We very much appreciate the support of staff that gave their time for training and the events as well as all parents and other friends of the College who helped in the pits fixing issues with the bikes as well as people who were willing to cook and keep everyone well fed.

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James (Your Move)

What an outstanding effort from everyone involved - students, teachers, parents and friends. The kids must have come back from the events super motivated. It would be interesting to know if any past participants have gone on to careers inspired by their involvement. You have earned 25 points for Living Waters' involvements, plus 30 points for the outstanding nature of that involvement, plus another 10 points for filling us in with so many details. I look forward to next years' update!

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That is a really good question. I know that we have had many students repeat the experience each year that they have moved up through secondary school but I am unsure what their future careers have become. I personally competed in the Murray Bridge competition going through school and it was rewarding going back and seeing the school continuing to compete.

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