We have been off to a busy start to the year with two weeks of swimming lessons followed by our school swimming carnival today. We are fortunate that we are able to walk from the school to the swimming centre for the two weeks of swimming. Students often query why we can't "just get a bus there like other schools"? Our general response is that by the time we all get on the bus, drive around the big block and get off again, we have already walked (or run) across the oval and would be lined up waiting to go inside. It has been a good incidental way to get the kids a bit more active.

In regards to our planning, we are starting to ease our way in to it. We have done the hands up survey and are organising our student team. Some of the events that the Exec team ware already planning include the walk safely to school day, the national outdoor classroom day, incursions by RAC, Constable care, First Aid Focus and NED so we have a fairly busy year ahead. I am presuming that when the students get involved further, we will see an increase in other activities added such as a ride your bike to school day with prizes for "best dressed bike" etc.

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James (Your Move)

It looks like things are coming together nicely Meg - I have linked your story to the "Define your issues and make a plan" activity as it seems you already have quite a few plans in place. Don't forget to give us an update once your student team has fired up. I have also given you 10 bonus points for sharing all those plan details and your interesting anecdote about walking to the pool.

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