Knock! knock! knock! Feeling unsure? Knock on a Safety House door.

At the end of Term 3 our students from Kindy to Year 4 were treated to a Safety House Show. As a part of this day, students are able to accentuate their normal uniforms with Yellow.

Through the use of puppets, actors and volunteer students, we were able to find out what we could do if we got lost, if a stranger approaches us that we don’t know, or if something scares/hurts us like a Magpie swooping. We learnt that we could look for the yellow triangle sign with a smiling house on letterboxes that says SAFETY HOUSE. The people that live there are safe people who have been checked by the police and they are there to help you feel better and call your parents or another trusted adult to come and pick you up.

To follow up from this experience, our Pre-Primary students went for a walk around the local area and found some of the local houses that have the safety house sign. This can help them when they are riding/walking to school (The current addresses were given to us by the Safety House association).

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