Transperth Get On Board Incursion (1)

Stephanie V
Loreto Nedlands

On Thursday 6th December the Year 6 students at Loreto Nedlands enjoyed a visit from David McMahon from Transperth. The Get on Board incursion provided an informative session to educate our Year 6 class about public transport. The session was extremely timely as the students are really starting to think about the end of Primary School and the next step into High School in the New Year. Here are some comments from the students...

I found the excursion helpful because it explained a lot like how to plan my journey and what's happening around WA transport-wise. I know what to do if I feel uncomfortable on a train or bus. Isaac

I learnt that from Monday to Friday with the student Smartrider, it only costs 70 cents. I also learnt about what to do if I saw people doing the wrong thing on Transperth and how to put money on my Smartrider. I am definitely feeling more confident about catching public transport to school next year. Georgia

The top tips I learned during the incursion were; how to use a Smartriders, the rules of Transperth, the train rules and how to use the website and plan my journey. Sophie

I'm feeling more confident about catching public transport to school next year because I learnt about Transperth security, safety and how they charge you. I found the Get On Board incursion helpful. Henry

I learnt how to tag on and off of a bus using my Smartrider and how to act sensibly around adults and other students whilst travelling on the bus. I'll be going on the Transperth website so I know what bus I'm catching and what time it is arriving. Amelie

I found the incursion helpful because I now know how to top up a Smartrider through autoload and cash. I know more about train/bus safety and what to do if I drop something on the tracks. I will definitely be going on the Transperth website to plan my journey. Tatenda

The Loreto staff found the session to be so useful and relevant to the students that they have already requested that we book the visit again for the Year 6s in 2019.

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James (Your Move)

I'm sure Transperth will be glad to know what an appreciated incursion it was. Your story on this activity earned you 50 points plus a bonus of 5 points for including the students' perspectives. See you in 2019!

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