Walk to School Day

Scott McCallum
Loreto Nedlands

Walking in the rain is better than a cloak, some also say that "Winter is Coming". Today was a good and fun walk to school as we braved the cold and the wet weather to celebrate National Walk to School Day 2022. We had 30 students gathering at Melvista Oval nearby where we talked about this awesome initiative. Other students chose to walk straight from home or other places due to the weather, and we still would have had a good solid number of students walking to school today. This shows our parents and students' commitment to active transport! Looking forward to our next big whole-school event.

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James (Your Move)

Great photo Scott - smiles and staying dry (amazing inventions those umbrellas, hey 😁?). It must have been a colourful sight with 30 students and umbrellas making their way from Melvista Oval. You have earned 40 points for participating in NWS2SD, 25 points for including a Park and Walk element for the day and 10 points for your engaging story. Have a wonderful weekend 😎!

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