In Week 7 Malvern Springs PS completed their baseline survey with some interesting results!

Out of 436 students surveyed nearly 60% of them were driven to school and only 15% cycled. Nearly 30% of students walked to school and 2% caught public transport.

From this data it looks like we have a big task of changing both student and parent habits when it comes to their mode of transport to and from school in 2019!!!

Would be great to get some feedback from other schools on their percentages to compare... even though each school is different!

Much appreciated :)

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Just remember those baby steps Brendan. Look at the positive of 40% using AT & build on that! Throw in a couple of events (thank you Bike Week in March) & you might just start to up that AT %. Events make AT a fun way to get to school! Looking forward to following MSPS' journey.

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James (Your Move)

It's a great start to get a survey done. The good news is that you have plenty of room to grow your level of active transport, and that you have some good infrastructure in Ellenbrook to assist you. I think you might be surprised at the positive changes you will see as you progress through Your Move. Arlene has made some great suggestions to get your started.PS 40% might be on the low side, but it certainly isn't unusual for a Perth school.

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