Carpooling to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Belinda Henderson

Two of our wonderful teachers, Miss DeMarte and Mrs Williams are shining examples of our staff who are committed to lowering carbon emissions and our impact on our environment.

This term they have started carpooling. Living 10 minutes from each other on the other side of the city, and after a few tweaks to their routines, it only made sense to carpool. Not only do they help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by driving one car to school instead of two they also gain the added bonuses of increasing their own well-being and saving money. A long trip through peak hour traffic is always more enjoyable with a friend.

Well done Miss DeMarte and Mrs Williams. It's a win-win idea and surely one to inspire others to do the same!!

Together we can make a difference.

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We wanted to make a big deal of his we attached the link to Department of Transport "Your Move" website onto our School Facebook post so our school community could read about it themselves. The same story was also copied onto our Sustainable Schools Blog. Great to get the word out!!!

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James (Your Move)

Great exposé Belinda! Miss DeMarte and Mrs Williams have certainly got the right idea, and well done for sharing it far and wide with your school community. Make sure you let us know if any others take up the idea - perhaps you could have a "postcode party" morning tea to help staff match with others in their area?

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