It's all about reading the signs

Belinda Henderson

At Mary's Mount Primary School we were so excited to unlock a grant after achieving Silver Accreditation this year with our Your Move Program.

Our students in our early years from 3 year old Kindy to Year 2 will all benefit from this road safety sign package. All complete with light up traffic lights, zebra cross walk, road workman kit, speed signs, kangaroo crossing signs to name a few will be greatly loved in our school by the children in the years ahead. Lots of hands on play and road safety learning opportunities have been enjoyed by our little ones already.

Our Year 1's and Year 2's have planned a scooter day next term and are looking forward to designing a track within our school grounds to practise road safety with the road safety sign package.

We can't thank the Your Move Team enough for this fabulous resource. The process was make very easy by the helpful and supportive staff. We knew at every step of the process what stage our grant application was at.

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James (Your Move)

Yes I can see the exciting just bubbling over - great photos Belinda! You seem to have quite a few kangaroos on your grounds too - curious.... I'm glad to hear how excited everyone is and I'm looking forward to reading about the upcoming scooter day for year 1s and 2s. Have a great break and see you soon!

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Excellent info....

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