Mary's Mount Primary School is on the move!

Belinda Henderson

Good morning Your Move members,

At Mary's Mount Primary School we are on the move to improve how we travel to and from school. We are a small single stream, Catholic Primary School in the leafy green Perth Hills catering for approximately 250 healthystudents from 3 year old Kindy to Year 6. We have a large catchment area and are looking forward to finding ways to encourage our students to be more active.

Our Pre Primary class from 2018 walked to the local park with a group of helpful parents and teachers to have a picnic and play.

We are very excited to be starting the Your Move program and we are currently gathering as much information as we can. We are lucky to have two very committed parents accompanying me next week to the Your Move Schools Forum for 2019.

Best of luck to everyone in your journey with encouraging your communities to be more active.

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David (Your Move)

Great stuff team! Welcome aboard, it's great to have a new school sharing their journey with us. It's really handy to have the support of some parent volunteers. Don't forget, a great place to find some inspiration is our Getting Started page ( - check out the activities list and the calendar planner as a starting point. And remember to check out stories from our other participating schools for more ideas!

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Thank you 😊

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James (Your Move)

Hi Belinda - great to see Mary's Mount joining up to YM Schools. Just a little intro - I'm James and I review all the stories posted here to make sure you are getting all the YM reward points you deserve. You will have noticed that you automatically got 7 points for posting this story, plus 12 'activity' points for linking the story to the 'post your first story' activity...

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James (Your Move)

... depending on how many activities the story relates too, and how 'rich' the story is, you will often receive many more points after it has been reviewed. See you soon!

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