We are on the move with Your Move

Belinda Henderson

We are on the move at Mary's Mount Primary School with Your Move. We started off the year having recently gone through the application and selection process to get together some very environmentally concerned students to form our student Green Team.

These students names where announced at a special assembly. They have been quick to take on their new responsibilities with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Not wasting a minute the students headed out into the classrooms to complete the first Hands Up survey of the year.

We used our time wisely when we held our first planning meeting together. The students looked at the year ahead and brainstormed some ideas putting all heads together.

The students top three activities planned for this year will be:

1. Promote Walk Safely to School Day - 15 May

2. Start up a Park and Ride Day once a week for families during Term 2 and Term 3

3. Make regular student announcements at whole school assemblies about the benefits to your health and the environments health of either walking or riding to school.

The new student Green Team is excited about working towards making a difference in decreasing the amount of traffic that is buzzing around our school at the start and finish of each school day. We are looking forward to regular meetings with our new awesome student Green Team and keeping to our plan.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Belinda and Mary's Mount Green Team - and welcome back to Your Move for 2020. It looks like you have a great plan for the year - make sure you let us know how everything goes, as all those planned activities (including assemblies and meetings) can earn you more points. For this story you earned 60 points for getting your new team together, 25 points for forming a plan for the year, and another 10 for sharing so much information with the Your Move community.

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