World Environment Day 2020

Belinda Henderson

At Mary's Mount Primary School we were all in green and free dress, showing our support for our environment while celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June.

Being a Sustainable School we are very proud of our communities growing awareness of knowing that all the eco-friendly things we do all add up to a bigger positive impact on our environment.

For World Environment Day we visited our school hall class by class to pledge a heartfelt promise from every student to the Earth to make this a healthier environment for all humans and creatures big and small. Everyone had the choice of pledging to one or two of eleven different areas of sustainability or they could choose their own.

It was very important to talk to all our students about our pledges and include a pledge to reduce carbon emissions by replacing some car trips with walking, bicycling or public transport.

As our student Green Team would say "Together we can make a difference"

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James (Your Move)

I love how Mary's Mount chose to celebrate World Environment Day! Your pledge activity is a creative innovation using a sound behaviour change methodology (and earned you 30 'innovation' points on top of the 40 you received for the event day). The video really brings it all together and shows not only how it all works but also really brings out the passion of the students (and staff!). All those extra details have earned you another 20 points for helping others to replicate this activity.

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