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We did our first whole school Hand's Up Survey Friday 11th August and the results were quite surprising. With 32% of our students actively commuting to school. The survey was undertaken first thing in the morning which created some good chat about active travel across the school throughout the day. Students were asking what it meant to 'actively' travel to school.

The plan moving forward is to survey students again to work out factors and or barriers possibly preventing the 68% of students walking or riding to school. We already know that almost 25% of students live out of area so active travel can be trickier for families who don't live close to the school. Knowing the most efficient and safest route to school could be what these families need to know or at least with a targeted survey we will aim to find out why. It will be a step (pardon the pun) in the right direction in any case. We look forward to collecting more data and developing a strategy towards increasing the number of students actively travelling to school.

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James (Your Move)

Yes it certainly is a good 'step' 😊. You do have a high percentage of out of area kids, but there is still plenty of potential for change there as you have noted. Make sure you let us know how your parent survey goes. You earned 10 points for your HUS reflections here, on top of the 20 points you automatically earned from uploading the HUS results. See you soon 😁!

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