Melville SHS has positive impact on traffic congestion

Kate Main

Melville SHS has been participating in Ride2School Day for three years now and this year there were added incentives for the students with prizes, vouchers and water bottles awarded at a raffle held at recess. The other bonus was also that participating students could wear their sports shirts all day. Student Councillors showed great organisation and leadership, as they stood at the entries to the school and other checkpoints to hand out the hundreds of stickers to participating students. The theme was "Being driven to school is bad for the environment".

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kate - welcome back for 2020 and thanks for taking the time to update us on your R2SD! Great to hear that the team were so organised. I really like the incentive of being able to wear sports shirts all day - that has earned you 15 innovation points. I have linked you story to the R2SD activity which means you also get 40 Your Move activity points. See you soon!

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