Metropolitan Access & Parking introduced the Corporate Smartrider Program back in 2012. The program has been running successfully for 7 years, and encourages staff to use public transport, therefore reducing the number of staff driving cars to a hospital site.

The program's incentive offers staff an extra discount along with the Public Transport Authority's 20% discount, if they use transport to travel to and from their hospital workplace. There are currently approximately 1,200 staff using the program at 6 hospital sites across the metropolitan area.

The Corporate Smartrider Program won a "highly commended" Travelsmart Award shortly after it was implemented in 2012.

The program has increased the use of public transport to busy hospital sites by staff, and reduced the number of car trips. It has remained a great incentive for staff who continue to apply to be part of the program on a weekly basis.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hello, what a great first story! You've earned bonus points for letting us know how many staff take part. How do you promote it to staff? Is it just when they start work or do you promote it to staff regularly?

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Thank you for your comments Kylie.... The program is promoted to staff initially at inductions at each Hospital site. However, at all times our Parking Department will always promote the card as the alternative option to parking on site on a regular basis.

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