In May 2021, during Heart Week, the Metropolitan Access & Parking Department, held a display at RPH on the "bridge", to promote alternative transport methods to staff when commuting to RPH.

Information was provided on the Corporate Smartrider Program, which encouraged some staff to join on the day. Other staff had queries on the cycling options at the hospital.

David from Transperth was a welcome guest to our display. He was able to provide helpful information to staff on journey planning to the hospital, and also answer any public transport queries.

Staff were asked to complete a short survey as incentive to win one of the "Your Move" merchandise rewards that were offered.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Lynette. You chose a great location to catch all those going to and from the carpark across the bridge 😊. Your display looks fantastic and it was great David from Transperth could join you. You have earned 25 points for your event to "Promote Active Travel", plus 10 points for giving us a great story with all the details of your activty. I note that you did have your story linked to the "Start a YM working group" activity - if you do have one make sure you post a story to let us know how it operates , as we haven't given you points for that in the past.

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