Staff from the Metropolitan Access and Parking Department (MAPD) held a display on all things Travelsmart on Wednesday 4/12/19 at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH).

The Travelsmart display was set up in the KEMH Staff Dining Room where staff could receive information on a variety of alternatives for travelling to work, while incorporating exercise in to their day.

This included:
- Staff survey to advise how they travelled to the site and give any comments on travelling to KEMH.

- Healthy Workplace WA and the Heart Foundation information was available to help educate staff on the importance of regular exercise, such as cycling and walking for good health.

- Use of the MAPD corporate smartrider, which offers staff a discount on their commute to and from work – 4 staff joined the program on the day of the display which was very encouraging.

- Information on the end of trip bike facilities located at KEMH – staff entered their details to show their interest.

During the day many staff attended the display to complete the survey and go in the draw for some great Your Move prizes!

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James (Your Move)

It looks like another very well run day by your team - great stuff! You have earned 25 points for your promotion of active travel options, plus a bonus of 10 points for really filling us in on your day.

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Thank you James

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