Travelsmart Display - Fremantle Hospital


On Wednesday 6 October 2021, MAPD’s Travelsmart division held a Travelsmart Display at Fremantle hospital. The purpose was to provide information to staff on smarter ways of getting to work including the Corporate Smartrider Card – providing discounted public transport to staff, cycling and the End of Trip Bicycle Facilities on site, plus information on walking and general Travelsmart information.

Transperth supported our display and provided journey planning to staff, information on public transport and supplied a large array of timetables relevant to the Fremantle area.

The aim of the display was to encourage staff to look at options other than driving to work. We provided some incentive prizes as part of the event, a $50 Rebel voucher was given away, along with some “Your Move” bags filled with goodies. There was also some sandwiches, fruit platter and muffins to pick on while you visited the display. In order to be in the prize draw, attendees needed to fill out a short survey which gave us an insight into how they currently travelled to work.

There were approximately 60 staff that came to the stand at different times throughout the display time. The majority were interested in the Corporate Smartrider program for staff. Patient Support and Nursing staff were the predominant profession who attended.

The Travelsmart Display was a successful event in encouraging staff to use more public transport to get to work.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Lynette and everyone! You have pulled together a really effective event - great to hear that 60 staff engaged. It is interesting to know that the Corp Smartrider program was of most interest. You have earned 25 points for distributing the maps and AT info, 30 points for the personal travel planning and 20 points for including so much info in your detailed story. I look forward to hearing how the upcoming events go at KEMH and RPH too 😊.

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