Daughters and Dads Cycling Program

Sam Maguire
Millen Primary School

After a couple of years away from the Your Move Program, Millen Primary School started 2024 with a renewed focus on Active Transport and the Your Move Program. Staff, students and parents have come on board and we are back with a bang!!

Daughter and Dads Cycling - Active and Empowerment. Millen hosted WestCycle's pilot program during term 1. 9 Dads and 10 Daughters participated in the 9-week program.

The Daughter and Dads program encourages fathers/father figures to use positive parenting strategies and assist them to become an effective coach and mentor. Daughters develop critical thinking skills and build their confidence, bravery and resilience. At the same time they develop closer relationships with their fathers as they progress through the program, while experiencing the joy of cycling and enhancing their bike riding skills and capacity. A key program element is to challenge parental bike safety concerns that frequently block kids riding to school and riding bikes more often.

Each session included an Empower Session and Active Session. The Empowerment Sessions focused on developing daughters’ social-emotional well-being skills, their understanding of cycling, how to ride safely and how to maintain their bikes. The Active Sessions include rough and tumble play, cycling skill practice and cycling games.

The program was a great success, with both Daughters and Dads having a great time. One dad said, “The course was a great opportunity to put the screens down, get out the house, some fresh air and for my daughter to learn some great life skills along the way,” . Another explained “It's not just about biking though; the program also emphasizes important life lessons for young girls and highlights the positive influence fathers can have in their upbringing.”

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Sam. WOW! Millen PS is back with a 💥💥! Great to have you back and getting straight into it! You have earned 80 points for the Daughters and Dads Cycling program and 30 points for sharing all the great details and inspiration in this story.

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi again Sam. The videos need to be on youtube to work. If you're able to upload them to an account, let us know and we can give you details on how to link it in. 😉

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What a great program

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Love this!

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